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First Place Winner:
Unleash with Lanthier. Be alive.
Second Place Winner:
Graduate Red
Third Place Winner:

First place (and two cases of wine) goes to: Unleash with Lanthier. Be alive. Be well. – This photo received the most votes from our staff!  Staff loved the creativity of the background, colors, and the title.  Staff prided the photographer on her unique style that definitely comes out in her pictures! The picture was very well taken! Congratulations Kristie!

Second place (and one case of wine) goes to: Graduate Red -- Staff believed this photo to be one of the most creative photos overall.  This wine label was made as a specialty label for a student graduating from Indiana University, who was a true “Hoosier.”  Staff thought the tagline “Hoos-yer winery?” was one of the best lines yet! Well done Kris

Third place (and 6 bottles of wine) goes to: Friendship-- Staff enjoyed the uniqueness of this photo. The inclusion of the rings added a special touch that shows a more sentimental side of wine. Staff believed the creativity of this photo shows a beautiful side of wine that is usually forgotten.  Nice job Amy!

And because we are always full of surprises—we have a couple more bottles of wine we would like to give out.  We were pleasantly pleased with two photos that gave us a new perspective on wine! While these individuals did not place in the top three, they did receive multiple votes for their “different” pictures!


Enjoying the dog days of wine – while most wineries would not consider putting a dog in a picture of wine, we, being the animal lovers we are, had to reconsider after seeing this photo!  This photo made us stop, think, and go back and look at it again --- which by the way is exactly what we try to do in advertising! We work closely with the humane society in town and this idea has great potential! Congrats Crystal, we love the idea! You may choose a free bottle of wine from our winery for you and your beautiful pooch!

Dessert and a bubble bath – of course it was the women at the winery that voted for this photo.  We have many ideas for some “girl’s time away” after seeing this photo! Once again, like the dog photo, we never would have thought of including feet in our photos, but somehow you managed to make it work into a beautiful and unique idea! This idea gave us some great potential to target women, just like you, who might just need some Lanthier wine and a bubble bath! Congrats Michele, your next bottle of wine and bubble bath are on us (well the wine at least!)!

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